Transfer Achievement Program

The Transfer Achievement Program (TAP) is a program designed to encourage and support students in their goal of transferring to a four-year college or university.  This goal is met by offering a comprehensive, student-centered instructional, and peer-supportive program tailored to meet the needs of today’s community college students.




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  • Reserved sections in English, reading, math, and counseling courses.
  • Classes in college success and career and life planning.


  • Additional personal and academic support from instructors, counselors, and peer facilitators.
  • Connections with TAP Counselor to ensure a successful transfer.


  • Connections with TAP Counselor to ensure a successful transfer.
  • Opportunities to visit leading colleges and universities.

How to Participate

To participate, a student must be

Eligible to enroll in two of the following courses:

  • English   60, 99, 100 and/or Math 20 or 40 and/or Read 56 or 96
  • Eligible to enroll in the TAP Counseling 151.

Available to attend classes Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

A student who has completed 15 or fewer units.

Available to enroll in day classes.

Able to commit to additional time for Supplemental Instruction.

Willing to be a full-time student.

Information Sessions


In order to participate in TAP, students must attend one of the following information sessions.  Please come by the Counseling Center or call us at (714) 992-7084 to sign-up for one of the following dates.  These sessions fill-up quickly, so please sign-up as soon as possible.    All sessions are held in the Career and Life Planning Center (CLP), 2nd floor of the 2000 building.  


 DATE:                                                   DAY:                             TIME:                                 LOCATION:

October 11                                           Tuesday                         2:00-4:00   p.m.               CLP

October 17                                           Monday                         1:30-3:30    p.m.               CLP

October 18                                           Tuesday                         2:00-4:00   p.m.              CLP

October 24                                           Monday                          1:30-3:30   p.m.              CLP

October 26                                           Wednesday                 12:30-2:30  p.m.              CLP


November 1                                          Tuesday                          2:00-4:00   p.m.             CLP

November 8                                          Tuesday                          2:00-4:00   p.m.              CLP

November 10                                        Thursday                        1:30-3:30   p.m.              CLP

November 14                                        Monday                           1:30-3:30   p.m.             CLP

November 16                                        Wednesday                     1:30-3:30   p.m.             CLP

November 21                                        Monday                           1:30-3:30    p.m.            CLP

November 28                                        Monday                           1:30-3:30    p.m.            CLP


December 5                                           Monday                          1:30-3:30    p.m.             CLP

December 8                                          Thursday                         1:30-3:30    p.m.             CLP

December 13                                        Tuesday                           2:00-4:00    p.m.            CLP

December 14                                        Wednesday                      1:30-3:30   p.m.            CLP

December 19                                        Monday                          11:30-1:30    p.m.            CLP


January 3                                            Tuesday                             2:00-4:00   p.m.           CLP

January 10                                          Tuesday                             1:30-3:30    p.m.          CLP

January 11                                           Wednesday                       1:00-3:00    p.m.          CLP

January 17                                          Tuesday                             1:30-3:30    p.m.           CLP

January 19                                          Thursday                           1:30-3:30     p.m.           CLP

January 23                                          Monday                              1:30-3:30     p.m.          CLP





Please call the Counseling Center at 714-992-7084 to sign-up for a TAP information session.

Transfer Achievement Program
Planning Committee

Erika Diaz, Administrative Assistant

Brandon Floerke and Jessica Johnson, Facilitator Coordinators

Dani Wilson, Dean of Library/Learning Resources, Instructional Support Programs and Services

Dan Willoughby, Dean of Humanities and Co-Coordinator

Heather Halverson, Counselor and Recruitment Coordinator

Richard Levesque, Faculty Representative

Mark Greenhalgh, Dean of Mathematics & Computer Sciences

Cecilia Arriaza, Director, Cadena/Transfer Center

Sunshine Vidal, Counselor

Carol G. Shier, Co-Coordinator